If you save minutes, you produce more.

21 Feb 2022

If you save minutes, you produce more.


Discover ways to save time!


Positioning the suction cups can be a boring, costly exercise, both in terms of the number of staff used and time spent.

Spending too much time at this stage of the process means detracting time from production and, as a result, reduces your earnings.

Is there some way to speed up the suction cup positioning process?

CMS proposes two highly effective systems.

1. A special tool that, used in combination with the CMS suction cups, increases the accuracy and speed of positioning.


2. A powerful and precise laser spotlight that indicates the positions to prepare on the worktable for the work program selected.



Simultaneous positioning of references and suction cups

Operations guided by the CN and included in the work program

83% time reduction when positioning and checking