A passion that unites 3 generations: Artigiani del Marmo

4 Jul 2022

Meeting Michael Caggiano from Artigiani del Marmo, gives you the impression of dealing with a volcano. A volcano of ideas. Of the one hundred he completes, he has another thousand ready in his head; and like a volcano, he is powered by an internal fire that ensures he never stops.

Artigiani del Marmo was founded in 1963 and is now in its third generation. They can produce anything in marble: kitchen tops, jewelry, tables, clocks, furniture accessories, and unique, sophisticated items.

They also outfit bathrooms on cruise ships in phenomenal numbers. There is nothing in marble that they have not explored, thought about, planned, designed or produced.

Michael grew up with marble between his fingers as his mother would take him to the workshops as young as 3 years old. He would watch his grandfather and father work and then started creating his first toys, familiarizing himself with what would then become the passion of a lifetime.

Then, things took a turn: “We bought our first CMS in 2000, so we are talking about 22 years ago and this completely changed our work because it can complete a 3 meter by 60 kitchens with double holes all cut in a quarter of an hour, using a single machine.”

The first numeric control machine was followed by others, both machining centers and waterjet. The child that would admiringly watch his grandfather and father modeling the marble made way for a successful man, capable of producing anything in marble with the help of his machinery.

A man who does not forget his origins or those of Artigiani del Marmo: “We have been open since 1963 thanks to the passion of my grandfather, Michele and the passion of my father Giuseppe Caggiano, who passed on the desire to grow in this company to me and my sister and I thank them because they genuinely gave us the strength, even under difficult circumstances, to create something and take our family forward.”