Cms brembana kosmos jet: two processes in one to overcome every limitation to stone cutting!

28 Jan 2021

brembana kosmos jet is the latest entry to Cms Stone Technology with one main objective: to be your most reliable tool in everyday work.Every detail has been designed to make the most of the combined features of a 5-axis machine, cutting with a diamond blade like a modern router, but also capable, when required, of enabling a 5-axis waterjet which can cut anywhere the blade does not reach.


  • The work table is the largest in its category: 4,000 mm x 2,350 mm
  • 100% rust proof
  • -19% space occupied on the floor compared to the average size in this category with just 36.5 m2 in space being taken up
  • Easy slab loading thanks to the tip-up forks with loading table just 380 mm off the floor

The key words are efficiency and flexibility:

  • Should the high pressure system be interrupted, the machine operates as a modern saw with manipulator and half gas connection.
  • Should the suction cup manipulator be interrupted, the machine can make all the interfering cuts with diamond blade and water jet
  • The suction cup manipulator allows for machining waste to be reduced to a minimum and use the water jet cut only when strictly necessary

The video shows the machine in operation while carrying out the same project twice, with two different strategiesOther essential features, common to all the Cms machines, is precision: cutting a hole for the sink combining a cut with disc and a cut with water jet which will allow you to achieve a completely finished piece that needs no further machining!