Cms formax dual: doubles the productivity of your bridge cutter

12 Jan 2021

Being fast and flexible is the key to success: find out more about how to increase the production of your factory using the new dual pallet change system applied to Cms bridge cutters.

The Cms solution means the slab waiting to be cut can be loaded outside of the machine while the machine is cutting another slab: this reduces loading/unloading times and increases productivity of the machine itself.

Cms formax dual has the largest work table in its category at a size of 3,800 mm x 2,500 mm.

The loading station can also be fitted with a hydraulic tilting system with a capacity of up to 1,000kg, to make the operator's everyday activities easier.



  • +71% cut slabs compared to a traditional bridge cutter
  • Axes movements up to 54 metres/minute to maximise the machine's productivity
  • Maximum safety for the operator while the machine is in operation