Management of heater performance quality with CMS Thermo-Prophet

14 May 2019

The aim of CMS Thermo-Prophet is constant production monitoring. In particular, the software affects the quality of the heater performance in order to intervene in a predictive manner to avoid deviations from the quality level required during the sheet thermoforming phase.

The solution consists in capturing the thermal image of the newly heated sheet with the latest generation thermal imaging camera built in the machine. The processed image is used to evaluate the
(absence of) need for interventions in the heater’s programming.

The operational choice derives from the ideal condition where the temperature of each heating area is defined, which corresponds to the size of the resistance. Any differences are automatically compensated by modifying the percentages of the individual resistances autonomously in order to bring the thermal values within optimal range.

The operator usually engaged in this time-consuming activity is not free to perform other tasks. CMS Thermo-Prophet can fully automate compensation, with some additional advantages:

  • Generation of thermal images for each production cycle; images can be stored as documentation to be attached to the production batch.
  • Softwareintegrated thermal image display to facilitate diagnostic activities while setting up a new production, with the possibility of point-to-point temperature reading.
  • Possibility of modifying temperature parameters by acting directly on the temperature values for each resistance.
  • Saving the temperature distribution for a quicker production restart even in various environmental conditions.
  • Improved process stability with less user involvement.


The entire process of intervention by CMS Thermo-Prophet can be viewed in real time and it is possible to intervene on the entire thermoforming area as well as on specific sections, at the user’s discretion.

CMS Thermo-Prophet: long-standing experience in thermoforming and technology for more efficient results.