Experts understand one another: Ra roughness values of 1 µm are no longer an impossible mission on plastic materials!

5 Aug 2022

There are products, or clients, for whom the finish is the most important aspect of the entire production process of plastic components. You need to be able to rely on guaranteed, repeatable results that remain the same over time. So, strong expertise is the only feasible path.

Only you can be an expert on your products and only you can be the single point of reference for your clients. CMS, on the other hand, is an expert whom you, in turn, can rely on at any time: we know how important your figures are and we can always provide you with the best machine in terms of accuracy, set-up and equipment.

In a sector such as H.P.P. = High Performance Plastic, complying with quality and tolerance parameters is the key element that you need to be sure you can rely on.

Talking of finish quality, CMS has devised (for all its 3/5-axis CNC machining centers with passage in Z up to 500 mm) a configuration package that will allow you to achieve Ra (average roughness) surface values suitable for the most intense plastic material applications.

From mechanics, to automotive, packaging, right up to food & beverage and medical, Ra roughness values of 1 µm, even in the case of recycled plastic materials, are no longer an impossible mission for we experts!