Have you ever wondered how you produce an SPA? “Relax” and find out more in this video.

18 Jul 2022

CMS has the technology and know-how for processing SPA whirlpool tubs.

CMS’ thermoforming and CNC cutting solutions allow the tub to be created with all the required processes.


With BR5 Special SPA, the thermoforming process is entirely automatic. The heating system on both sides of the plate guarantee high quality standards and a top performance in terms of productivity.

The movement of the mold means the operations to load the material and unload the processed piece can be done in complete safety and ergonomically.

Thanks to the specific software for SPA thermoforming, all the variables in the process are built-in, and top quality can always be achieved irrespective of the external conditions, avoiding the generation of waste and always guaranteeing performance that represents a point of reference for the industry.


For processing large tubs, CMS recommends genesi, a fixed-gantry CNC machine model with interpolated tables for swing cycle processing.

The loading area is used to process the piece in order to optimize the spaces, guaranteeing the operator’s safety at all times, thanks to the cabin configured with double doors.

The fixed-gantry configuration guarantees excellent stability even at top speeds, providing a high level of processing precision and repeatability.


Laminations perfectly aligned with the inside surface of the tub can be achieved thanks to the exclusive probe solution, allowing the hydraulic components to be installed under ideal conditions at all times.

Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, CMS can provide turnkey solutions by assisting its clients with the creation of thermoforming molds, fixed templates for cutting, a choice of tools and the creation of processing programs.

This way, CMS is not only a supplier of machinery but also an all-round partner to put the complete production process in place.