Don’t change your programs!

10 May 2022

Don’t change your programs!


Replacing a numeric control machine can be a significant problem, especially for fear of losing all the existing programs in your database. These programs are real assets for your company and the idea of having to recreate them from scratch could be an impossible task.

We feel bound by choices that are not always satisfactory, in order to get around this obstacle.

What if we were to tell you that this is no longer a problem?

Now you can get yourself the CMS machining center that your company has always dreamed about without worrying about losing your existing program database and your valuable company know-how.

Our new CMS Babel translation system can directly import all your existing programs, created with CNCs and configurations that are different from the target one.

With the software perfectly configurable around your needs, you will be the one deciding whether to keep the original program structure or change the output.

You can set several configurations or source machines and several configurations or target machines so that not even one program in your existing database is lost or needs to be recreated.

Avoid lengthy, time-consuming program-renewal stages and continue to get the best from your ISO programs, without wasting the investment made to create them.

It will be our CMS Babel translation system that keeps them 100% in use from the start with all the advantages of being able to use them from the outset on your new CMS machine.