Even more!

31 Mar 2022

Even more!


Precision and reliability play a key role in the 3 or 5-axis machining centers. Indeed, they are among the most important aspects that define quality and performance in a tool machine.

The 3 and 5-axis CMS machining centers with passage in Z up to 500 mm now benefit from even greater standard precision.

How is that possible?

Together with the use of specific tools, we have applied CMS’ considerable experience in axes compensation technologies, developed in the most extreme application fields such as the aerospace and energy, to the models in the time100, tracer and evotech range.

In particular, those working in the world of technical product and parts processing, can now add to the already well-known advantages of programming and use of CMS time100, tracer and evotech machining centers, a level of precision and repeatability unparalleled in the industry. We’ve improved up to 300% the axes precision compared to solutions without offset. In other words, the perfect machine whatever your needs!

Please Note: the new precision and repeatability standards are already available on all models.