Dilplast & CMS: case study

28 Mar 2019

Dilplast is a thermoforming company established in 1976 by Dante Ternelli and then entrusted to the equally wise guidance of his son Enrico. Dilplast’ssuccessful history has led the company to settle in the new plant at Montecchio Emilia, a proper technological jewel of 8,000 square meters. Simplicity and functionality are the words that best describe the corporate style, along with the utmost care for the environment and the well-being of the employees.

The corporate mission is clear: "to make available our long-standing experience in the field of plastic materials processing to ensre maximum professionalism, the best possible service and use of the most modern technologies to implement innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

In order to make all this possible, Dilplast has established a fruitful collaboration with CMS since the very beginning, recognising its aptitude towards understanding and meeting the customers’ needs. The continuous exchange of ideas and experiences has contributed to the development of the thermoforming machines of the BR line, the real reference point of the market.


  • Extremely fast mould change
  • Fast machine resize and set-up
  • Motorized movements with patented system
  • Fast and accurate positionings
  • User-friendly control and diagnostic system

The ability to provide its customers with a complete and effective service has led Dilplast to also use high speed 5-axis CMS machining centers, such as Athena and Atom. They are movable-bridge machining centers, especially designed for the high speed processing of plastic, composite materials and light alloys; they offer exceptional  motion dynamics to ensurehigh productivity. The advanced structural design contributes to reducing machining-related vibrations and yields utmost quality finishing.


  • Large-sized working areas to ensure maximum production freedom
  • Possibility of customizing the working areas (single zone or alternate cycle)
  • Wide range of electrospindles, designed and manufactured by SCM Group
  • Accuracy as required in the most demanding applications
  • Availability of rotating tables and mobile working tables APC (Automatic Pallet Change)