CMS smart4cut: Simple, Intuitive Professional Programming!

30 Mar 2021

smart4cut is the new programming system for 5-axis machining centers to machine plastic thermoformed parts.

smart4Cut has a simple and intuitive interface while offering the most advanced programming functions in both self-learning (machine or virtual) mode and/or CAD/CAM mode. Three levels of programming available that can be offered independently or integrated.

All its functions are at the "touch of a button" and learnable by all levels of operators.


  • 21% reduction in programming time
  • 17% reduction on the average thermoformed trimming cycle
  • 15% reduction on pre-production set up activities on the machine

smart4cut LEVELS

  1. Level 1: The application for creating self-learning projects directly on a machine, with the aid of CMS Teach digitalization software in combination with the advanced keyboard with joystick and touch screen.
  2. Level 2: The application for the advanced modification of self-learning projects with the aid of smart4Cut Level 1 and the creation of CAM projects starting from an imported 3D model. Available as level 2 individual or level 1+2 integrated.
  3. Level 3: the application for the advanced programming in cutting thermoformed parts, with the help of all the functions of an advanced 5-axis CAD/CAM. Available as level 3 individually (includes level 2) or level 1+2+3 integrated.