Technology and Productivity for the most exclusive supercars: CMS concept APC

23 Sep 2020

Carbon fiber chassis are not always the best choice for supercar frames; there is a range of models, typically with yearly production volumes higher 500 units, where a modern aluminum frame represents the best solution in terms of performances (lightness and rigidity), time/costs production ratio, maintainability, and efficiency.

Producing a large number of aluminum frames efficiently is challenging; after the frame is assembled there are many operations needed to be carried out that require high precision and a fast takt time.

CMS developed concept APC, a high speed 5-axis CNC machine that not only exceeds the requested machining accuracies but also offers high productivity and cleanness of the working area.



  • Performance to costs ratio allow a 33% faster return on investment
  • Full enclosure and APC tables: 0 risk for the operator and impact on the environment
  • APC tables for loading/unloading in masked time increases the productivity by 87%


This very efficient productivity is achieved by many factors: the accelerations and speeds of the axes, the high rpm spindle, the rapid tool-changer, and the double table loading system (Automatic Pallet Changer) for the loading/unloading of the frames while the machine is working to eliminate any unproductive time.

Thanks to the 5-axis operating unit with a 120 position tool magazine, any complex operations become easier.

The machine is fully enclosed for a safer working environment and equipped with motorized conveyors to automatically remove the chips; furthermore, an integrated collector and filter system for fumes and oil mist keep the air clean, improving working conditions and production efficiency.