helix: the AGILE panel saw, without compromises for plastic materials

6 Jul 2020

Within the wide range of machines dedicated to the cutting and processing of plastics, CMS offers its innovative line of panel saws. The helix series is undoubtedly the best technology on the market for cutting plastic materials in regards to quality and processing speed.

The exceptional cutting quality and processing speeds are ensured by the presence of all the technical solutions necessary to obtain the best results in plastic cutting:

  • specifically designed presser for sensitive materials
  • double-locking clamps
  • blade cooling and lubrication
  • possibility to adjust the blade speed via inverter

All this makes helix machines the perfect answer for all plastic cutting needs, from small workshops to advanced industrial contexts, and suitable also for the most severe applications.



  • Average reduction of 3% in the incidence of the purchase price on the cost of the cutting phase, compared to a conventional panel saw.
  • Quick and easy tool change that allows an increase in productivity, thanks to an average saving of 15% on set-up time.
  • Particularly rigid and stable frames structures that allow average sizable thicknesses increased up to 19%.



  • Presser dedicated to plastic materials. The sturdy structure of the presser equipped with an aluminium bottom plate prevents thin materials from vibrating during cutting operations, so as to guarantee maximum precision and finishing quality.
  • The enhanced suction capability ensures total cleanliness of the worktable.
  • Guarantee of the result ensured by the floating callipers. The special shape of the clamps allows the safe gripping of plastic sheets and panels, at maximum speed and with perfect parallelism even on surfaces that are not perfectly flat.
  • The possibility to adjust the speed of the main blade is the fundamental condition that allows obtaining a superior cutting quality in the processing of different kinds of plastic materials.
  • Plunger driven by brushless motor on movable high precision guides, for best-in-class linearity of movement and speed at the top of the market, up to 135m/min.
  • Selective air curtain work surface, equipped with loading wheels, ideal solution for handling even the heaviest plastic sheets, without causing any damage.