br5 hp: High Definition thermoforming

5 Jun 2020


  • high definition in detail similar to injection moulding but with 55% reduction in equipment costs and 45% reduction in development and process set-up time.
  • up to 7 times more pressure than vacuum forming.
  • possibility to process all advanced thermoplastic materials (composite thermoplastics, self-reinforced, etc.) with the quality assurance of the CMS heating system.
  • switch between pressure forming and vacuum forming without any limitation in terms of equipment size, sheet size, and performance.
  • extremely fast production changes due to proprietary CMS solutions. Machine setup times are reduced by 75% compared to competitive solutions.
  • up to 25% reduction in start-up and process set-up times due to CMS software solutions: this is the result of the knowledge acquired in more than 40 years of activity at the highest levels in the world of heavy-gauge thermoforming.


CMS Plastic Technology stands out for its wide range of sheet thermoforming machines with solutions tailored to the specific needs of each individual process.

Br5 hp is a leader in the global market: this thermoforming machine offers exclusive components in one single package.

It is the result of the forty-year development of the BR5 range, inheriting all its distinguishing features in terms of performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

These advantageous features of br5 hp are enhanced with the possibility to work in pressure forming, in addition to traditional vacuum forming. This, in turn, is a significantly higher material processing pressure for an amazing result in terms of accuracy of the mould details and geometric precision of the manufactured workpiece.

With br5 hp it is possible to typify the material by transferring textures from the mould, regardless of the worktable where the tools are mounted. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly software, it is possible to define the specifications of the cycle to be performed without any manual configuration.

With the exclusive advantage of being a CMS thermoforming machine, the results are obtained at the highest level with an unprecedented ease.


Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation, CMS Plastic Technology is recognized as a unique partner for the entire plastic fabrication process: from thermoforming to trimming to the understanding of models and moulds, ensuring maximum productivity.

CMS Plastic Technology is in the forefront of manifold sectors, such as: automotive, aerospace, construction, caravans, buses, railway industry, production of bathtubs, engineering parts, visual communication, mechanical components, and packing.