The ideal combination for increasing productivity

6 Oct 2022

When processing soft materials, like foam and seals, the cost of production is a key factor that requires maximum process efficiency and the ability to deal with high volumes.


The CMS tecnocut smartline configuration, available with multiple heads version and pendulum processing, offers you the winning waterjet combination to optimize the cutting process.


High productivity is guaranteed by 5 decisive factors.

  1. From 3 to 5 3-axes automatic heads with a minimum distance of 85 mm that can be set by CAD/CAM and a maximum one depending on the nesting development
  2. Double working area mode, front and back, to eliminate loading and unloading downtimes, with automatic management of safety systems to protect the operator
  3. Single working area mode to cover the needs for cutting large-size sheets
  4. A traverse speed of up to 50 m/min and 3 m/s2 in acceleration, capable of reducing cutting times for any size or shape.
  5. Software module for the management of the production in the two working areas: the same ISO and therefore the same process on two working areas; different ISOs and therefore two different processes on two working areas