The only real waterjet machining center: the time lapse of its construction

7 Jul 2022

F.lli Sacchi was established at the start of the 1900s, and is a global leader in innovative systems for transport, dosage, storage, packaging and palatalization of loose products in granule and powder form. The company’s uniqueness lies in having invented robotics applied to powder and granules.

Since 2015, F.lli Sacchi has chosen CMS as a technological partner in supporting its growth thanks to the quality and reliability of the products in the CMS waterjet range, capable of combining cutting with versatility and flexibility with the simplicity of programming.

Sacchi recently opted to add the innovative and unique CMS tecnocut proline waterjet machining center to its range of machines.


Reliability and repeatability over time

CMS tecnocut proline adopts unique solutions to guarantee processing repeatability over time and reduce machine downtimes for excessive maintenance, thanks to:

  • a “kamikaze” device for safely parking the cutting head, keeping the high-pressure circuit under pressure during the loading, unloading and set-up operations. This way, it is possible to triple the lifespan of high-pressure components with fatigue cycles
  • high-pressure circuit created with 6000 bar components, for greater resistance to the 4000 cutting conditions
  • double high-pressure circuit to allow for cuts on very thick or tough material, thanks to the high capacity generated by two electric actuators connected in parallel
  • excessive configuration of two electric actuators for better control of the wear on high pressure components


More order for greater efficiency

Focus on the operator and plant management, from cutting to its maintenance, allowing it to be more efficient, reducing waste and increasing productivity thanks to:

  • automatic management of the water level for an underwater cut of pipes and sheets, reducing water and noise dispersions
  • master and slave configuration of the front and back control panel for a more rapid programming of the cut on sheets or pipes at the back
  • monitoring video cameras of the work area and the multiplier chamber to always have control of the operating status of the plant, even remotely
  • removal of the used abrasive using a dredging chain with monitoring of the disposal weight and absorption of the real time motor, capable of reducing consumption by up to 5 times compared to traditional systems


Everything at hand

The single-block design of the base allowed for the space around the machine to be rationalized:

  • integrating up to 2 electric actuators into the frame, on a mobile trolley, to generate high pressure
  • eliminating inconvenient and bulky photocells in favor of automatic, pneumatic safety hatches
  • adding extractable drawers for the storage of spare parts and tools, control panel side for maintenance work on the cutting head and multiplier side, for high-pressure maintenance