SCM's offer on pressing and sanding for a quality, modern parquet

11 May 2020

Parquet is undoubtedly the most sought-after flooring solution thanks to its beauty and the unmistakeable sensation of pleasure it gives when walking on it.
SCM technologies for surface treatment are well suited to achieving a high quality, modern parquet, capable of surprising you at first glance as well as to the touch.

Multi-layer: the secret lies in the pressing

The multi-layer composition technique is the best option nowadays for guaranteeing the production of a quality flooring that provides greater resistance to the atmosphere and is inexpensive. The quality features of the wood can be preserved on the visible section, while the lower layer of intertwined wood fibre makes it resistant to wear thanks to the layering of the individual strips.
The wide range of "sergiani" presses can meet any production requirement, from 2-layer to 3-layer parquet, from the manual loading press to fully automatic solutions. Excellent gluing of the layers is also guaranteed at all times thanks to the sturdy structure, quality manufactured components and uniform distribution of pressure on the individual strips.

Sanding, the appeal of the structured

Structuring is one of the wood treatment processes most congenial with modern interior design trends, ideal for a finished product with an antique style and unique visual and tactile sensory properties: a parquet that adds a touch of unique elegance to our homes.
The structured process is achieved by flexible abrasive finishing centres with steel and Tynex tools (abrasive nylon filament) whose purpose is to "dig" and remove the soft part of the wood grain. SCM dmc sanding machines are especially well suited for this machining thanks to the exclusive finishing units, like the planetary unit, which ensure the best levels of structuring to meet current market demands.