Take control of your waterjet machine!

9 Jun 2021

With the tecnocut proline, CMS sets new market standards in terms of programming and machine settings.

Due to the video camera integrated into the Z-axis, it is possible to set, directly from the intuitive CMS Active interface, the origin of the cutting process in a safe way and with greater accuracy.

The camera, working in combination with the laser pointer device, allows operators to follow the laser line that is projected on the cutting table, in order to rapidly identify the point of origin, and align the plate or the single part with the cutting program. This will reduce set-up times, eliminate errors in the machine, and avoid material waste.



  • -65% reduction in set-up times and acquisition of the origin of the cutting program
  • ± 0.1 mm positioning accuracy due to the improved image resolution compared to the laser cross projected onto the table
  • Possibility of easily acquiring the origin of the cutting program even on semi-finished products or remnants plates
  • Safe axis maneuvering, even at speed, due to the pneumatic hatches that eliminate the risks posed to the operator when acquiring the origin