Integrated cell system for the production of customised furnishings

15 Jan 2021

Automisation of processes, production flexibility, machining quality and reduced delivery times to keep up with increasingly faster, on-line purchasing methods.
These are the priorities for businesses involved in customised furniture designing covering the entire production process from the project to delivery. But how can we reconcile all these needs?
SCM offers integrated systems of flexible "batch 1" cells capable of meeting market trends with two results: optimisation of processes and a significant reduction in costs and energy consumption.

This is the case of the solution outlined here, with a production capacity of 1500 pieces per shift, designed by the Engineering team for a leading Spanish company in the furniture and design industry.

Sizing cell
The cell consists of two automatic three-axis “flexstore el” storages, integrated with two “gabbiani g 3” and “gabbiani gt 3” sizing machines that both perform well in terms of speed and machining quality. There is also a machine for cutting the smallest off cuts and finest material: the "class si 400" sliding carriage sizing machine.
Not only does the system have a separate magazine for managing the rejects that are automatically re-introduced but it is also highly versatile and capable of adapting to production needs. While the three sizing machines are equipped with specific functions, they can be interchanged depending on the amount of material being machined and the kind of re-usable off cuts.
Integration with the "Maestro active watch" cell supervisor software and the "Maestro store" magazine is also key as they allow you to manage storages outside of the cell, used to store materials in other areas of the factory or the smaller or fine panels.

Flexibility is the keyword even for the square-edgebanding cell consisting of two "stefani sb one" unilateral edgebanders with automatic feed system for perfect panel sizing and squaring.
The strength of these solutions designed for big industry lies with their ability to work panels in sequence and just-in-time with different sizes, applied edge and machining, with small or pure "batch 1" batches. These machines are fully electronic and can achieve three radii automatically thanks to the Multiedge system. They have 24 roll edge magazines, ensure a rapid and automatic change of glue colour and perform routing inside and outside the feed tracks.
The "Maestro active watch" supervision software is also key: thanks to the bar code on each panel, the software can match the right machining program and trace and control all the process stages to each piece, as well as further control functions and production reporting.
The edgebanding of special and prototype pieces is done in another cell, consisting of an “olimpic k 800” unilateral edgebander with "Touch 7” control interface and panel return.

Stand-alone solutions to complement the process...

SCM proposes two state-of-the-art technological solutions:

  • the “morbidelli p800” drilling, routing and edge treatment machining centre, ideal for machining and achieving "just-in-time" panels ready for assembly. It is highly versatile and can be used in two ways: to apply the shaped edging to panels already squared or to drill, route and edge the unfinished panel. If the pieces being machined are mainly curved, the machining centre allows you to skip the passage in the squaring-edgebanding cell proving itself to be a real "wild card" in any factory.
    Some of its key advantages include its extremely fast set-up times thanks to the Matic automatic table with suction cups and bars that move automatically and simultaneously with anti-collision check.
  • The compact CN "morbidelli cx220" drilling centres for machining special and prototype panels. Its worktable allows you to drill even delicate surfaces with excellent finishing results. The new, shaped hold-down grippers mean that panels can be machined even in positions inside the grippers, greatly reducing cycle times and optimising workpiece clamping.