Always achieve the best results under any condition: new floating contact roller

3 Aug 2020

The unconventional sheet metal cutting technologies, from state-of-the-art plasma to direct diode laser, offer considerable advantages in terms of flexibility and productivity. That being said, overheating of the plate often generates an alteration of the planarity of the cut piece, influencing the machining uniformity both when removing the primary burrs and the surface finish with sanding belt.


CMS Metal Technology, to increase the operability and flexibility of the dmc deburring and finishing machines, is, as of today, offering the innovative floating contact roller which can follow the curve on the piece to be machined, guaranteeing a uniform, high quality result, even under onerous conditions.



  • Can adapt to any surface with curving up to 3mm in height without the emergency exclusion intervention of the unit due to motor overcurrent
  • -63% less current absorption of the roller motor during machining, reducing machine downtime and the re-machining of pieces to be processed
  • Greater application flexibility even in the most onerous deburring processes for plasma cutting and cutting torch of large sized details



  • Compact pneumatic system fitted directly onto the roller for easier maintenance
  • Easy calibration of the reaction to the force based on the kind of deburring or satin finishing application
  • Can be retrofitted even on machines already installed at the customer's plant
  • Compatible with 220 and 250 mm diameter contact rollers
  • Available with inverter regulated motor and electronic grit-set for the motorised positioning of the unit in line with the consumption of the sanding belt