What is the most advantageous solution for automatically seaming rectangular glass?

27 Dec 2022

Cms aura is a dry, vertical seaming machine designed specifically to process edges without using water (dry seaming). Aura can be used as a stand-alone machine, or in line with a vertical washing machine and is the ideal machine to be included on a double-glazing line.

Aura can seam float, laminated glass, or glass with Low-E treatment.

Aura has been designed to meet the needs of customers looking for practicality of use, rapid installation, reliability, and low running plant costs.


Worry free!

The operator loads the glass and starts the processing cycle; the machine automatically measures the incoming glass (height, length, and thickness) and processes the edge. Aura also adapts its operator units to different thicknesses.


How to save on production costs

Dry seaming without using water!

The tools have been specifically designed to be used dry. The dust generated by the glass is sucked up through a pipe system that conveys it to the back of the machine in a multi-stage filter.



· No need for water [SAVE ON COSTS]

· Max. operating speed 25 m/min [PRODUCTIVITY]

· Suited for 3-shift production [PRODUCTIVITY]

· 100% automatic management of different thicknesses [PRODUCTIVITY]

· All processing dust collected [SAFE PROCESSING]