CMS agil tr: the versatile, compact cutting table

3 Nov 2022

agil tr is the most compact, versatile cutting table ever produced.

The table allows float glass sheets up to 19 mm thick to be automatically cut and semi-automatic cutting of laminated glass sheets thanks to the double-zero system.

The table has 4 arms to load/unload the sheets and a rotating axis to make straight and shaped cuts.

Easily installed, it is compact and can cut sheets of up to 3810 mm x 2600 mm.

The table can be fitted with a tool changer carousel, a grinder to remove low-E coatings and a vinyl removal system.



  • Automatic, high-speed tool change: 5-position magazine installed near the cutting head. 4-second tool replacement
  • Low-e coating removal speed of 40 m/min: 100% automatic removal system with specific removal grinder
  • Only takes 2 days to install
  1. 100% cutting optimizer integrated into the machine interface specifically developed by Cms: using a cutting table has never been easier!