Cms athena: revolutionize your idea of trimming parts in thermoformed plastic material!

19 Jan 2021

Plastic thermoformed part trimming is even simpler, faster and more exact with the new Cms Athena range of machinesWhile still maintaining the advantages of previous models, the range of sizes available has been expanded with the new Y-axis extended to 2,500 mm. The Athena is designed with a super-efficient system for collecting scraps that is incorporated into the machine base (pictured above). Grating in the floor allows chips to fall into a catcher tray keeping the area clean and easily accessible.


  • 15% reduction in cutting and programming times (with smart4cut system) of the contouring cycles.
  • 13% reduction in overall machining times thanks to the maximisation of axis movement dynamics.
  • 15% reduction in table cleaning times thanks to the shavings collection system incorporated into the base
  • Maximum use of factory space in proportion to workable cubic space for all versions


Thanks to the developments generated by Cms Plastic Technology specialists, the dynamic capacity of the axes has been taken to a higher level. Machine movement has been optimized to yield faster and more efficient trimming and machining.

Movement quality and precision can be further enhanced thanks to the use of the new Smart4cut programming system that allows for optimised trimming paths to be automatically generated. The new Smart4Cut and Cms HMI make for the most user friendly CNC operator experience in the marketplace.