CMS masterform for the twinsheet thermoforming: two is better than one!

11 Sep 2020

CMS masterform is the only solution for thick plate thermoforming capable of processing two plates with two completely separate heating stations.

Irrespective of the colour, finishing or thickness, the two plates are always processed at the ideal temperature.

The "shuttle" design allows for plate stretching and transfers in record time from the heating station to the moulding one.

As well as the traditional vacuum/pressure forming, masterform is the definitive solution for twinsheet forming even when very thick.



  • up to 95% productivity increase in the case of single sheets and 75% in the case of twinsheets compared to mono-station machines.
  • mould/countermould closure strength 2.4 times greater compared to the mono-station pressure forming solution
  • mould alignment error lower than 1 mm
  • excellent synchronisation of the heating stations thanks to the separate heating control system with self-teaching functions


Thanks to the design with guide columns and hydraulic interlocking system, maximum precision can always be guaranteed in terms of mould alignment, even with pressure values up to 120 tons.

These features make masterform the ideal solution for all those applications for re-usable packaging and sustainable logistics with products such as:

  • single sheet pallets
  • twinsheet pallets
  • bulk containers
  • battery containers
  • trays and pallets for logistics and automation