Irrespective of your core business, this technical evolution might interest you.

4 Nov 2022

Automotive, motor sport, mold maker or model maker? This new entry should definitely interest you!

Let’s start from one of the most consolidated and widespread machining units in the world: designed 10 years ago, there are more than 150 specimens installed and still in perfect working order, all over the world.

These are the solid bases that bring us today to unveil its natural technological evolution, TORQUE 5 EVO.

It is a machining unit with rotating axis movement controlled via direct drive motors, suitable for processing mid/high removal on composite materials and light alloys, but also designed for finishing steel and other more consistent materials. Its compact size guarantees maximum penetration and freedom of movement, making it particularly suited to the use of long tools.

Why EVO? Because it is the natural evolution of the TORQUE 5; one of the best was to achieve braking torque in excess of 2200 Nm while maintaining the same sizes of the previous machining unit, something clients greatly appreciate.