Cresseri and CMS DMC Eurosystem MD unrivalled quality and punctuallity

18 Dec 2020

Cresseri is a lightweight metal carpentry business set up in 1977 in Erba (Como) and operational in the machining sector. Experts in third party machining of sheet metal and different kinds of metal working, work alongside its customers to provide technical and project consulting.


"The machine is not important. It's the customer's needs that matter."

- Pietro Aceti, Cms founder -


And with the same philosophy as the Cms founder, Pietro Aceti, Cresseri makes its mark with the care it takes in offering its customers a custom-designed, detailed service with high standards of reliability and punctuality.

Cms dmc eurosystem md is the technological solution that can meet these needs simply and consistently, thanks to its configuration with multiple operating units able to remove burr and sharp edges generated during the cutting process and apply a surface finish.




+45% of sanding belt length for better cooling, guaranteeing a smooth finishing, high quality output, and greater durability

+69% in structure weight compared to entry level solutions, guaranteeing stability and repeatability in the deburring process and the finishing on small-medium sized parts

Highly versatile and flexible configurations with an open module set up for different operating unit, capable of adapting to different customer’s application and market demands


The biggest problem was caused by the difficulties generated by the burr on the piece and, thanks to the dmc eurosystem with the right tools, Cresseri can now easily remove the burr to offer a completely safe product.


dmc eurosystem's versatility and performance in the configuration it offers also means that the processed material can be prepared for painting or coating, especially aluminium, thanks to the sanding belt effect of roughening the surface and making it easier for the paint to adhere.




1350 mm wide working area

2 and 4 internal operating units and external Scotch Brite

250 mm contact rolls for better removal capacity

Sanding belts with a length of 2620 mm for greater durability

Bored surface and mat for a vacuum effect to improve the hold even of small pieces

Inverter-controlled motors of up to 18.5 kW

10.4" touch panel with Hydra-PC software

Background suppression photocells to automatically centre the sanding belt