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Assembly - Clamps for kitchen doors and windows - action h

This hydraulic clamp is the right machine for high-volume producers of furniture doors and it is absolutely necessary to those who manufacture such products
with special features with frequent changing size of the products. It is also the ideal solution for general assembling with 45° and 90° joints without any previous setting. 
This machine model is fully automatic: it is auto-positioning according to the dimensions of the cabinet door to be pressed. It is not necessary to perform any manual action for the pieces positioning: small series and special products can be easily processed at the same production rate as big standard series.



Automatic self-learning of door size allows processing of even small batches while maintaining productivity equal to large production runs.

Possibility to assemble frames with 45° or 90° joints without any previous setting.

Pressing power can be adjusted according to the type of frame to be assembled.

Technical data
Max working dimensions  mm 2500 x W 750 x 40H  
Min working dimensions           mm 300 x 135 x 15H 
Translation speed    m/minute           21
Working cycle  sec 20 - 25   
Weight    Kg 1400
Installed power    kW 2
Compressed air bar 6




Pao clamp 45-90

PAO clamp with pinning device

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