Great interest at the Forum International Bois Construction for SCM's innovative solutions dedicated to green building industry

Apr 14, 2022

SCM returned to present its vision for the future of green building at the Forum International Bois Construction.

This edition, which took place from 6 to 8 April in Épinal-Nancy, confirmed the strong interest of the wood construction industry in the themes of environmental sustainability and zero-impact construction, which are increasingly driving the growth in the sector both in France and in other European and overseas markets.

Many opportunities in terms of contacts and negotiations were also registered by the SCM team, who illustrated its cutting edge CNC machining centres: OIKOS XL for Glulam beams and columns with a section up to 1250x610 mm, which has also been chosen by a leading producer in the sector such as Mathis, and the AREA XL for large format CLT panels and curved beams with sections up to 3600x400 mm.

Also very much appreciated were the demos of the Maestro beam&wall software, developed by SCM, which allows the import of projects in BTL format from the main CAD systems in the sector. There was also great interest in the new software functionality of OIKOS X which allows automated cutting with the blade.

SCM’s solutions are the result of continuous research and development that has been ongoing for seventy years. In fact, SCM celebrates this anniversary in 2022. Technologies with deep roots, as the new campaign for SCM’s Systems for timber construction states, that draw strength from our exclusive experience in developing advanced numerical control machining centres for the entire wood machining industry.

At the Forum International Bois Construction, SCM has also presented itself as a unique supplier for the entire wood construction industry in the light of the recent commercial partnership signed worldwide with the Swedish company Randek AB, strategic in offering the widest range of solutions for structural beams, X-lam/CLT wall elements and prefabricated building elements. Many opportunities have emerged on Randek solutions as well.

Thanks to all the team and partner companies who contributed to the success of the event.