30.09.2018 - 3.10.2018 NEC, Birmingham (UK)

W18: Work simple, Work digital with SCM 

SCM, the leader for secondary woodworking technologies, will play a key role at the W18 Trade Fair with the largest collection of high-tech applications and services and its "Industry 4.0" latest applicable solutions that are going to have a strong impact on the development of the entire sector.

In the area dedicated to the “giant from Italy”, the new digital systems conceived by SCM will take centre stage: products and services made possible by an increasingly widespread availability of data and their analysis, enabling quality control and qualitative assessment of production - from the technological and IT development of the individual machines and their ability to operate in cells and cell systems.



The main focus of the event will be the "Work simple. Work digital" concept with the SCM Digital Hub, an innovative control centre, and Maestro Digital Systems, the platform of latest-generation smart digital solutions, perfectly integrated with SCM machines, to make every stage of woodworking easier and faster both for small-sized companies and large multinational organizations.

Among the Maestro Digital System solutions, the main emphasis is on the new IoT ("Internet of Things") platform Maestro connect, in response to the latest Industry 4.0 requirements: it is the highly innovative system for collecting and analyzing data retrieved from SCM machines to increasingly monitor and optimize production processes, enabling full control of production performances by the customer and a series of micro services such as, a timely and smart maintenance and an optimized spare parts management. The advantages of the system are increased productivity and decreased downtime, improved and continued operating cost control, lowed maintenance costs and the ability to monitor machine parameters and performance in real time, anywhere and at any time, allowing correction of any malfunction in an increasingly timely manner (smart maintenance).


Maestro connect joins the other solutions available from Maestro Digital Systems platform:  the new, latest generation, multi-function, wide-screen and multi-touch operator panel (eye-M), the innovative remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses (Maestro smartech), the powerful and versatile Maestro suite, a complete software system for all processing types and methods, as well as the Virtual Reality 3D Integrated Cell Simulation system (Maestro xplore).

In the Digital Hub set up for W18, SCM will also present the new and latest version of Maestro CNC software to be integrated in all machining centres both for solid wood and panel drilling. Among Maestro CNC innovations, the new tool-workpiece machining simulator, allowing to check processing details and to have direct visual control of the obtained result through animated 3D rendering - which makes it possible to check the accuracy of the tool path and correct any programming errors remotely from the designer office.


In an innovative and multimedia exhibition space at W18, SCM will demonstrate new solutions for all industrial production processes, from furniture manufacturing to the marine sector, from windows and doors to timber construction, and the most reliable wood-working machinery.

For all types of processing and for any production requirement, SCM technology represents a tangible application of "Industry 4.0" concepts and those of "mass customisation", and aims to satisfy the individual needs of customers, while conserving the benefits of industrial production.


Solid-Wood Machining Centres and Technology

In the field of solid wood machining and technologies, SCM offers a selection of possible applications for the production of windows, doors, stairs, chairs, design creations and furnishing accessories.

The Accord range will be prominently featured at the Birmingham show. accord 25 fx, designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, combines state of the art technology with extreme ease of use for flexible productions of doors, windows, stairs, solid wood parts and for machining wooden and extra-wooden panels

The focus will also be on superset nt, the moulding machine enabling endless applications: the ideal solution for companies working per more shifts and also small batches. It is possible to produce profiles for windows, doors, stairs and furniture.

Furthermore, on show also windor nt1, the angular machining centre ideal for companies processing door and window frames and solid wood doors, with possibility to work in batches. All machining operations can be performed on the machine: trimming, tenoning, accessorial machining (drilling-routing), rebating independently of the construction concept, type of joint, type of section.

For the Balestrini range it will be displayed a balestrini pico cn, CNC twin-table tenoner, an advanced solution offering outstanding performances for processing straight or round end tenons. Production can be both in single pieces and small batches. Despite its compact dimensions, it can process even large-sized pieces, a useful option for particular chairs or other furniture items, such as balcony uprights and banisters. Furthermore, the CNC work cycle optimizes the tool path for routing with a high speed anti-chipping cycle, to ensure perfect finish quality.

CNC Machining and Drilling Centres

Among the CNC machining and drilling centres on demonstration, there will be morbidelli m220, the new exclusive drilling and routing solution for panels. Its distinctive feature is the double head with independent Y-axis, which can simultaneously machine on a single panel or on two different panels, allowing up to 70% faster drilling cycles. The machine is equipped with the Maestro cnc software that manages and supervises the automatic arrangement of the panels to be processed, by an optimising algorithm able to choose the fastest drilling strategy.

On  display also morbidelli cx100, the drilling  centre that carries out all drilling operations, grooving and vertical routings. It guarantees a very high productivity without any operator’s intervention for the worktable tooling. Furthermore, it is very easy and intuitive thanks to Maestro  cnc, the CAD/CAM software designed and developed entirely by SCM in Windows environment, that allows to program easily any element to be produced. It provides the customer with all the tools necessary for the design, their management and related processes.

At the show, the range will be completed by the nesting machining centre for drilling and routing morbidelli n100.  With its compact footprint, it allows for complete panel processing in limited space. Equipped with an aluminium flat work  table, it is available both in a stand-alone version and with an automated loading/unloading system. Thanks to PRO-SPACE safety system directly integrated onto the machine, a reduced floor space is required and is accessible from all sides to place panels or small components on the work table.

Limitless cutting

Among SCM cutting options, gabbiani s is designed to satisfy all production requirements and fully customisable according to clients needs. It cuts solid wood panels or panel stacks and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fibre panels). In addition it is highly intuitive thanks to “eye-M”, the new 21.5’’ touch screen control panel and the software Maestro Cut,  to manage materials stock, off-cuts stock and parts handling management during machining. Furthermore, the modular Flexcut device enables the processing of complex cutting patterns in very rapid cycle time, using brushless motors sliding on prismatic guide with recirculating balls screw that reduces mechanical parts friction and guarantees best precision.

Cycle time is further reduced thanks to the "SAW-SET" device that in a few seconds carries out fast and precise tools adjustment, allowing an intuitive use of the machine and a productivity increase. gabbiani s can also be perfectly integrated inside flexstore EL storage systems.

Fast and high-quality edge banding

Faster, precise production - consistently oriented to high quality standards. It is the outstanding result guaranteed by SCM edge banding technologies.

The "Maestro Pro Edge" software designed for SCM edgebanders ensures fast, error-free production in line with the high quality standards expected by the market. On display at the fair, the new "eye-M" HMI with "21.5" multitouch screen with 3D preview of the processed panel, the new AirFusion+ device which, compared to the previous version, achieves an Airfusion/zero glue line productivity increase by 10%, cutting both start-up times and operating pressures by 50%, and the use of EVA and Polyurethane glue thanks to the SGP glue pot which allows to edge in an optimal way ensuring the highest quality of the panel. In response to the increasing demand for solutions able to manage the entire edgebanding process by using a single operator, the new "Fastback" panel return devices are now available starting from the olimpic range.

The focus will be also on the olimpic k 560 edge banding machine for small-sized joinery businesses, which improves already excellent previous performance standards with the possibility of edging solid wood up to a thickness of 12 mm, further enhancing versatility.


Pressing: an extended range to cater for all market sectors

SCM also intends to further strengthen its role as a pressing segment player with an even wider range of solutions, able to respond to all market requirements, particularly in the field of panel and door machining. sergiani hot presses become even more competitive.

The new sergiani gs manual press is available from one to five daylights with 20 to 200 ton vertical thrust. Highly precise and versatile machine, it is the best option for the production of laminated and veneered panels, hollow-core doors and multi-layered panels.

Furthermore, SCM sergiani presses offer several solutions that range from continuous edge glued beam panels production with automatic loading/unloading and composition (sergiani gsl-a) or manual loading (sergiani gsl-k), to pressing both solid and plywood curved panels and kitchen doors production (sergiani gs c/hf), up to cold presses (sergiani pf) for multi-layer panels gluing, laminated panels and 2 or 3-layers parquet; and 2D-3D laminating panels, both with veneer and PVC or ABS (sergiani 3d form)

New goals for sanding

The showcased sanding solutions are also expected to be of great interest for the furniture industry and contractors who need solutions suitable for intensive use and able to ensure striking and highly customisable results.

dmc sd 70, with its high level of versatility, is perfect for different types of machining. In the furniture sector it excels in the provision of optimum level finishing thanks to the 2.620 mm sanding belt length and the electronic sectional pad.

On show there will be also the compact, versatile and modular dmc eurosystem sanding machine, suitable for up to four internal units and the ideal solution for door, window, and kitchen cabinet door manufacturers and for the panel processing industry in general. New in this model is the internal cross belt unit (the latest addition to numerous other units existing in machine range), particularly suitable for solid wood range and primer layers sanding. Thanks to this unit, dmc eurosystem can be used as a one-stop machine to achieve new goals in finishing standards, both for calibrating and sanding solid wood and for painted workpieces.

Optimal finishing

The SCM range is completed by the surface finishing solutions. On display at W18, superfici compact 3 hy, suitable for those who need to paint small and large batches while maintaining high spraying quality with low costs. The space saving and inexpensive compact 3 guarantees all the advantages of automated lines and makes them affordable to small and medium size companies. If combined with flat dryers for the fast flash off and drying of solvent based, water-borne or UV lacquers, compact 3 could be basis of these automated lines, which fulfil the customers’ finishing needs. 


Joinery machines

Last but not least, the evergreen joinery machines, world-leading top class designs combining unique performance and continuous innovation. These features are confirmed by the complete range of solutions displayed at the fair, and most remarkably, by "L'invincibile" range with its upgraded design and technological features, an absolute market benchmark in terms of precision, reliability and safety. The dual tilt introduced in the circular saws si x of the L'invincibile range is now extended to the smaller "minimax" version with the introduction of the minimax si x model with +/-46° tilting blade and programmable motor-driven movement. At W18, the focus will be also on the combined edge rounder-trimmer unit for edge-banding machines - the ideal one-stop machine for facing and trimming the front and rear ends of panels and at the same time, rounding the front and back edges.