New perspectives open up with ROGIERS cooperating with SCHENE in Wallonia

08 Jan 2020

Rogiers, the well known Belgian exclusive dealer of SCM, founded in 1956 and located in Waregem, opened a new showroom in Herentals at the end of 2017, to boost and support with great success, the sales activity in the eastern provinces of Flanders.

To better follow the customers’ needs in the northern region of Wallonia, a first approach and cooperation between Schene and Rogiers started about 2 years ago with the local distribution of SCM machines by Schene.

Now recently, both companies have agreed in a more profound and solid cooperation, in which Schene can promote and sell also a wide range of the SCM woodworking machines.

Schene Woodworking Machinery, located 20 km east of Liege in Belgium, has offered to his customers for over 60 years woodworking machines, additional products and services.

Like Rogiers, the company is attentive to the needs of its customers, and both are constantly evolving while maintaining their family character and their dynamism.

In 2019 Manuelle Schene and her husband Bruno Meys took over the reins of the company in 2019 with the leitmotif: "Continuity in service of our customers is a perpetual evolution".


  • Jose Schene remains the pillar of the company by sharing and transmitting its deep knowledge of the trades of woodworking machines in order to help, advise and guide the customers to find the best machine that fits their needs
  • Manuelle Schene has been working for more than 20 years in the family company and wishes to continue the work undertaken by her parents, while bringing a new impetus.
  • Manuelle Schene and Bruno Meys are both entrepreneurs "who fell into it when they were little". They have a deep respect for the values of work, customer service and family.
  • The team in place remains active and involved always with this "customer" orientation which is unique.


Rogiers will support with its area- and product managers the more complex sales, and will also give technical support and specialized trainings to customers when needed.

This management change at Schene and the new cooperation with Rogiers were underlined during a very successful open house, two weeks ago. During this event a wide selection of SCM machines was demonstrated.