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Glass Cutting Table

Fixed cutting table with glass transport belts, three interpolated axes for cutting panes of straight and shaped flat glass with thickness from 3 to 19 mm, normally in line with loader and cut off bench.

• The system with belts allows the automatic movement of glass sheets for every cycles: in-feeding, positioning, working and out-feeding.

• Wide range of loading configuration and costumization, able to satisfy every customer’s request.

• The cutting in-line with loading, cutting and unloading, allow to process higher quantities, avoiding losses of time compared to standalone cutting tables.



The pneumatic side reference, thanks to the 40mm stroke,allows the zeroing of plates arriving from an upstream machine.
The exclusive reference insertion system guarantees superior performance and no routine maintenance.


Thanks to the patented four-head system for automatic management of cutting of different thicknesses, no manual operation is required. Each head carries a wheel that is specific for its thickness, guaranteeing zero stop times when changing the sheet.


The peripheral grinding wheel eliminates the low emissivity layer with speeds up to 80 m / min. The device is suitable for intensive use to work continuously with all types of Low-E.


Runner Line manages the printing of bar codes to trace the cut pieces by integrating with the management of the glassware. Printing is fully integrated into the cutting process, avoiding possible operator errors and leading to time savings of over 31%.

Technical data
Model 3.70 6.20
Axex maximum stroke X-Y-C* 173 in - 102 in - 360° 272 in - 132 in - 360°
Useful working area 167 in - 101 in 267 in - 130 in
Workable Thickness 1/13 in - 3/4 in 1/13 in - 3/4 in
Accuracy and Repeatibility ± 0,20mm / ±0,15mm ± 0,20mm / ±0,15mm
Maximum speed and acceleration 530 ft/min - 16 ft/s2 530 ft/min - 16 ft/s2
Weight according to the configuration



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