2022: United Nations’ International Year of Glass

07 Feb 2022

2022: United Nations’ International Year of Glass


Glass dominating the stage in 2022.


With a series of events, the United Nations’ International Year of Glass will celebrate the unique versatility and technical capabilities of glass that have facilitated numerous cultural and scientific advancements and accompanied the evolution of humanity in the past, and will contribute, in the future, to the challenges for a more sustainable, fairer society.


The most important celebratory event (Geneva 10-11 February 2022) of those scheduled in various countries throughout the year, will be held at the United Nations Building where around 30 internationally renowned speakers will make a presentation. They will explain the role that glass can take on in relation to the United Nations’ objectives in 2030 to create an “UN 2030 Agenda for a fairer more sustainable society”, together with the most recent scientific and technical discoveries.


During the two days of the inaugural ceremony, there will be different speeches given by international speakers on various matters linked to the world of glass: from technology, to art, sustainability and so on.

Below are the titles of the 6 main topics:

  • Glass & Humankind
  • Glass Living
  • Optics & Photonic Technology
  • Glass reaching out
  • Towards a sustainable world
  • SDGs: The case of life science and energy


CMS Glass Technology will follow the whole event with considerable enthusiasm, especially the speech by VITRUM’s President, the engineer Dino Zandonella Necca, spokesperson for GIMAV, during the Closing Session, on the afternoon of the 11 February.