High performance CNC machines and unique integrated lines for glass processing

CMS Glass Technology is an industry leader in the field of curved and flat glass working, with technologically advanced solutions such as numerically controlled machining centers, cutting tables, and water-jet cutting systems. Credited to the tradition and experience, today CMS Glass Technology is an absolute protagonist in this division for the manufacturing of innovative solutions dedicated to architecture and interior decoration.


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5 Jul 2022

The power of exclusivity: BCE Glass Industry

Thanks to the new CMS maxima machining center and the advanced system developed by CMS created from a combination of three elements (specific 3d software, laser detection system of the models and new locking system for the glass with suction cups in different positions) BCE Glass Industry is the ideal partner to its demanding clients in the marine, automotive, aerospace and architectural world.

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10 Jun 2022

Find out how just one operator can oversee an entire cutting line

A fully automated cutting line involves the glass sheets being picked up from racks, cutting them to size and lastly the break-out. Depending on the final sizes of the glass to be unloaded, the line can be overseen by a single operator. CMS’s runner line is available in two sizes: half Jumbo and Jumbo.

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25 May 2022

Connected machines are the present, not the future!

Mistral Optical is a company producing, on average, 50,000 pairs of glasses a month. It is located in Quero Vas in the region of Belluno, global center for eyewear. Working on a pair of glasses is a complex operation that needs to find the perfect balance between expert manpower and automated work done by machines. There are about 30 intermediate stages. Knowing exactly at which stage a product can be found in the various processes, at any given time, is the turning point in the entire production chain; representing real added value in the service offered to one’s clients. Precisely with this in mind, the company decided to connect the numerous CMS machines together, from the latest additions to older versions.

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