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Plyform Composites and CMS have established a profitable and effective collaborative relationship for both parties.  

To secure a highly modular and efficient product, Plyform Composites has relied on CMS experience, gained over years of manufacturing special machines, suitable for the most diverse needs of customers. The choice fell on Antares, the machining center with 5 interpolated axesand a monobloc structure. Plyform Composites is a company established in the 70s and has now asserted itself as a leading company in the Aerospace (both helicopter and fixed wing) industry. The need to process components made of composite materials led the company to choose CMS, leader in the sector.


  • Bridge structure
  • Protective bellows on linear axes
  • 5-axes PX5 operating unit with automatic tool changer
  • Frequency static converter
  • 16-station disk tool magazine
  • Chips conveyors, integral soundproof enclosure
  • Specific design for the management of and protection from carbon dust


  • Compact dimensions for easy integration into any work environment
  • Rigidity and accuracy over time thanks to the monolithic structure
  • Maximum accessibility to the work area
  • Drastic curb of dust and noise

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