Solar Wave heading to Omaha after taking second place at the Formula Sun Grand Prix

13 Jul 2018

After a podium finish at the Formula Sun Grand Prix, second only to the University of Minnesota Team, and out of a total of 11 qualifiers, Solar Wave with Emilia 4 is on its way to Omaha, Nebraska. This is where the first leg of the American Solar Challenge will leave from, heading towards Gering. Covering over 3500 km, along the famous Oregon Trail, the crew will travel at an average speed of 60 km/h, with top speeds reaching 110 km/h.

The Team from the University of Bologna, joined by Denise Dujmic, an engineer from Scm Group’s Innovation Dept., is ready to face this first major test, full of enthusiasm as well as a good dose of concentration. "It is a huge pleasure to work with such a motivated team, everyone sharing the same objective - says Denise, who started working on the design of Emilia 4 at the Scm Group Research Centre, just a month after graduating in Mechanical Engineering – Our aim is to make Emilia 4 the first Italian four-seater solar car an excellence that goes beyond the context of the American race and becomes a future model for sustainable mobility. Zero environmental pollution in order to ensure a healthy world for the coming generations.”

This vehicle weighs just 130 kg, excluding the 67 kg, 16 kWh battery packs produced thanks to a series of patents, which enable wireless connection to the 1800 battery cells, each monitored to avoid overheating. Resistance, efficiency and high technology: with these strengths the "Made in Italy" solar car is getting ready for its first big adventure.