CMS work cell

29 Mar 2019

Work cell is the solution that Cms has designed to automate the processing of glass sheets with edge grinding and milling, that can only be achieved with unconventional working systems

The advantage of this application lies in the absence of downtime, which is normally due to the equipping by an operator, and handling of the glass sheet, which in this case is fully automated.

Cms has decided to integrate the machining quality of the Speed 13 MB with the machining flexibility of the Idroline S. In this line, the machines are loaded and unloaded directly by an anthropomorphic robot.


  • Cooktop machining 
  • Electric appliance industry
  • Shower trays
  • Cooling industry



The machines are equipped with fully automated doors. This way, they can ensure a perfect water seal, leaving the work area completely dry and safe.

The robot is equipped with a double handling surface, in order to be able to pick up and lay down the glass sheet with a single opening of the doors,optimizing operating time and handling.