High speed and best-in-class accuracy 5-axis CNC machines for composites, aluminum and metal

CMS Advanced Materials Technology is a leader in the field of numerically controlled machining centers for the working of advanced materials: composites, carbon fibre, aluminum, light alloys and metal. Substantial investiments in research and development have allowed the brand to always be on the forefront of cutting-edge design, with machines that ensure best-in-class performance in terms of accuracy, speed of execution, and reliability; meeting the needs of customers operating in the most demanding divisions. Since the early 2000’s, CMS Advanced Materials Technology has established itself as a technology partner in areas of excellence such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, race boating, Formula 1, and the most advanced railway industry.
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Visit the section on our You Tube page specially designed for this new project: Short video clips we have put together of the statements made by top experts in Additive Manufacturing technology and their experiences and future developments.

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6 Jul 2022

Desire for travel and holidays in a camper van or caravan (and to know how they are built)

With summer comes the desire for holidays, travelling, adventure and freedom. The camper van and caravan are the ideal combination of these 4 desires. Since the 1980s, CMS avant caravan has been the best option available on the market for the production of side walls, flooring and roofs on camper vans and caravans. Motorhomes and panels for refrigerated trucks can be added to these.

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13 Jun 2022

Always choose the best to stay at the top

Briccoli Modelleria is an Italian company that designs and produces foundry models, molds and equipment. The company’s motto reads “Since 1885, we have been building a future with the oldest art known to man”. The experience matured throughout its history and the technological investments made have allowed it to expand dynamically and flexibly in the market, so they can provide instant answers to a target with different needs, manufacturing high-end products with precision delivery times.

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25 May 2022

Connected machines are the present, not the future!

Mistral Optical is a company producing, on average, 50,000 pairs of glasses a month. It is located in Quero Vas in the region of Belluno, global center for eyewear. Working on a pair of glasses is a complex operation that needs to find the perfect balance between expert manpower and automated work done by machines. There are about 30 intermediate stages. Knowing exactly at which stage a product can be found in the various processes, at any given time, is the turning point in the entire production chain; representing real added value in the service offered to one’s clients. Precisely with this in mind, the company decided to connect the numerous CMS machines together, from the latest additions to older versions.

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