Used machinery


Used edgebander (pre owned)


A compact machine, with adjustments from thick to thin tapes all performed via the controller. The SCM K203EP is one of the most popular edgebanders from the SCM group. Its small footprint, along with short panel gaps gave it very high production capacity.
Model no: 34723

Casadei KS32

Used panel saw (pre owned)


A well looked after machine that is designed to work. Casadei engineer their machines to have large sliding tables – giving you more support for your panel. This makes day to day machining that much easier.
Model no: 40549


Used edgebander with corner rounding (pre owned)


The centralised control panel makes this machine easy to operate – the 5.7″ screen and operating system makes setup easy. 1st and 2nd pass cutoff saw trimming is adjusted via the control panel, with one push button activation.
Model no: 39656

Mechwood A4

Edgebander (pre owned)


The Australian made Mechwood model A4 edgebander is capable of applying pre glued Melamine, Veneered or ABS Tape 0.4 to 3.0 mm thick.
Model no: 25596

Rex HO63

Used thicknesser (pre owned)


This German made thicknesser is designed for serious work. Unlike most thicknessers, the table is at a fixed height, with the cutterblock and feed system moving up and down. This allows for large workpieces to be fed through, you could even add infeed and outfeed support tables.
Model no: 40465

MiniMax SC3

Sliding table panel saw (pre owned)


MiniMax machines are made by the SCM group, one of the most well known panel saw manufacturers in the world. The SC3 is a short stroke machine, designed to cut 4′ sheet.
Model no: 39949

SCM K130

Used edgebander (pre owned)


Well maintained, this machine was traded in by a client who recently upgraded to a larger model. This machine was originally supplied in 2009 and has had one owner.
Model no: 40488

Leda Linea3800

Used panel saw (pre owned)


Linea 3800mm sliding table saw with powered rip fence. Speed up your panel cutting with a powered rip fence machine. The eye height pendant controller controls the saw operation, as well as the rip fence movements. You’ll be more accurate, reduce reworks and cut faster
Model no: 40712

Griggio SC3600

Used sliding table panel saw


This machine is being supplied as is, where is. Preliminary investigation shows the scoring saw does not work. This is a good machine for someone to pickup at a bargain price and spend some time and effort to get working.
Model no: 39940


Used panel saw (pre owned)


Known for their traditional machines, SCM make some of the most popular panel saws around. This SI16WA is an older model, which was heavily overengineered to have a wide working table and cast iron tables.
Model no: 49487

Holytek TBS3000

Table saw showroom demonstrator (pre owned)


A great opportunity to grab a bargain. The holytek TBS3000 has been used as our showroom demonstrator. This sliding table saw has a 12″ blade capacity, that can tilt to 45 degrees.
Model no: 22881

SCM Formula S1

Used panel saw (pre owned)


Manufactured by the SCM group, the Formula range of machines are know to be great value. This sliding table saw has all the features of its larger SCM cousins, at a fraction of the price.
Model no: 36142


Used panel saw


Short Stroke sliding table saw with 240V motors. Sawblade tilts to 45 degrees. Table overall length of 1500mm, with a 1270 stroke past the back of the main blade.
Model no: 40335


Edgebander (Pre Owned)


From the European manufacturer with over 50 years experience in making high production, reliable edgebanders. An ideal machine where quick changeovers are required.
Model no: 34028

Balestrini Mia

Borer (Pre Owned)


Designed for the solid timber furniture/componentry market, this machine drills and bores chairs, tables, furniture parts. Its double sided design allows pieces to processed quickly and accurately.
Model no: 34981

Brandt KD77

Edgebander (Pre Owned)


Used Brandt edgebander, traded in by one of our clients who has upgraded to a larger SCM machine. A top rated brand from Germany.
Model no: 34807

Tecnoma XT5

Used edgebander (pre owned)


A high production edgebander with large trimming groups, combined with finishing groups to give you a clean edge. The large panel support rail runs the full length of the machine, allowing a single operator to edge large components.
Model no: 39835

SCM Pratix 48NST

Used nesting machine (pre owned)


SCM group’s Pratix 48NST is built to work. The oversized beam that holds the operating units is incomparable to any other machines on the market. Dedicated drilling and router heads make this an effective, time saving addition to your workshop
Model no: 40155

Casadei Beam saw

Used Beam saw (pre owned)


Casadei used beam saw with high speed pusher.

Mars G59600

Edgebander return system - Showroom demonstrator (pre owned)


This return system presents as new, having been used as a showroom demonstration model in Sydney. A quick and effective way to get more from your edgebander, you’ll reduce your labour costs on every job.
Model no: G59600

Mechwood M5

Edgebander – showroom stock and demonstrator sale


An Australian made hot air edgebander, the Mechwood M5 is a consistent, reliable machine. With manual feeding of the panel, the Mechwood M5 features auto tape cutoff and top and bottom trimming groups
Model no: 26619 & 26620

Masterwood Pro110

Used nesting machine (pre owned)


A compact, reliable 2400 x 1200 nesting router designed for the cabinetmaker. This used cnc nesting machine is ideal for kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes and shopfitting.
Model no: 39834

Steton Spindle

Used spindle moulder with feed unit (pre owned)


This is a solid cast spindle moulder with a large working table. The front portion of the table is fitted with a sliding mechanism to aid feeding. An aftermarket invertor has been fitted allowing for the cutter speed to be adjusted infinitely within its range.
Model no: 40439

Jonsereds Surfacer

Used surfacer (pre owned)


Absolutely massive, solid machine that must be seen to be believed! Some work required.
Model no: 40386

Holytek EB41

Corner rounding machine – showroom demonstrator


This is a stand alone machine designed to give you corner rounding function. After inserting the panel, the trimming group will move in 3 directions, removing the bulk of the edgetape – giving you a panel with soft edges that may only need a quick hand finish.
Model no: 32510

Holytek 37DA

Wide belt sander (pre owned)


A reliable two head sanding machine, designed to give you a great finish. The first head on this machine is a rubber coated roller unit, designed to give a uniform, calibrated sanding
Model no: 39993

Taylor 138B

Pre Owned Taylor Glue Applicator


Suitable for applying glue on timber up to 1200m x 200mm. Single Pedal operation. This unit although pre owned has never been used.
Model no: 27221

Balestrini 2 cap

Used 2 cap morticer (pre owned)


Balestrini Twin table slot mortising machine.
Model no: 37587

Multico Mortiser

Used mortising machine (pre owned)


Manual operation square chisel mortiser. The table moves left to right to allow for your length of mortise, with the lever arm plunging the cutter into your workpiece.
Model no: 39683

Jensen Feb400

Used hot air edgebander (pre owned)


Compact machine ideal for applying thin edgetapes to panels. Comes with the stand shown in the images, which is wheel mounted to allow you to move around your workshop.
Model no: 39531

Altech Plus A

Used aluminium cutoff saw (showroom demonstrator)


Altech aluminium single head cutoff saw. The saw activation on this machine is automatic via a two hand pushbutton system – giving a uniform cut through your profile.
Model no: 23468

Wheeler PSE

Used underbench extractor unit (pre owned)


This Wheeler underbench extractor unit gives a great use of space. The fan and bag are stored below the table, allowing the top to be used for assembly, outfeed, or any other workshop use.
Model no: 23812


Used dust extractor (pre owned)


Woodfast freestanding 4 bag dust extractor. Cloth top filtration bags and heavy duty plastic collection bags.
Model no: 40182