Troubleshooting support


  • Improve efficiency by drastically reducing troubleshooting time.


Main features

  • Smart documents for quick self recovery procedures. Open a ticket with a click to receive first class SCM support.

  • Self-help: smart "How-to" troubleshootings documents for quick self recovery

Smart visual documents are provided in combination with many alarm messages to guide the customer in restarting the machine. In this way, customer can take immediate quick self-made actions, solving the problem and saving time. 


  • SCM Digital Services: a world of services at your fingertips

With Maestro connect you can get a direct connection to SCM service thanks to an automatic ticket opening function.

Maestro connect calls will be on priority, to ensure shorter response time to customer requests.


  • Allow SCM to get useful information on machine working and on their usage

Maestro connect also allows SCM service to get instant information on customer machine usage and behavious.

This reults in a service performance improvement as the Service can immedialty acces to relevant machine information to diagnose any problem arises, thus carrying out tasks faster.