FOM Panda 400 Aluminium Upcut Saw

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Aluminium Processing - Single Head Saw - FOM Panda 400 Aluminium Upcut Saw

FOM Panda 400 Aluminium Upcut Saw, 100% Italian made and engineered.

Upcut saws are the future for any aluminium fabricator – with safety the driving force behind this. The FOM Panda 400 Alumium Upcut Saw has it all, with a fully guarded working area, whilst maintaining its easy to use characteristics.  4 high capacity clamps, 2 button hand control and large 400mm diameter aluminium saw blade, making this the perfect solution for every level of business.

The control panel is ergonomically positioned in the front of the machine and features the on/off clamp control, blade speed, mist spray lubrication adjustment and blade activation.

FOM Panda 400 Alumium Upcut Saw's patent precision table glide system ensures perfect mitering with rotations from 0-180 degrees. The solid lock out positioning at 90 and 45 degrees ensures fast and accurate production every single time.

A full range of accessories for infeed and out feed rollers and measuring devices are available.

  • Tungsten carbide saw blade Ø 400 mm
  • Spray mist blade lubrication system
  • Cutting area guard kit
  • No. 2 vertical vices
  • No. 2 horizontal vices
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