When Less Space Means More Growth

4 Feb 2019

With a vision of unparalleled quality and customer service, Andave Cabinets was created by brothers Andrew and David Byrnes in 1994. Starting as a two man business operating from a single roomed factory, Andrew and Dave used their 24 years in business to grow into one of the most reputable cabinetry and shopfitting names in Melbourne, now employing more than 20 people from an 11,500 squre foot facility in Braeside.

With a focus on predominantly high end residential joinery and some commercial fitouts, Andave typically focus on bespoke items that demand a high level of attention to detail. “When your customers expect the highest quality available, it’s important to invest in the right machinery to ensure that we can deliver the right result,” states Andrew.

“Although quality is our number one focus within the confines of a client’s budget, we are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient in our production methods,” says Dave. “This is what led us to SCM products when we were building up our factory.”

During a trip to SCM Group headquarters in Rimini, Italy, Andrew and Dave were given a demonstration of the newest machinery. After seeing the precision and efficiency they could bring into their business, the decision was made on the spot.