SCM Digital Days

25 Jan 2018

From the new woodworking Industry 4.0 trends to the latest-generation machines designed to make work at small carpentry shops as well as large multinational corporations ever easier, faster and more creative. 

Today, the first day of SCM Digital Days, we've welcomed our visiting customers in the newly renovated SCM Group headquarters in Rimini. The event, to last until Saturday, 27 January, is to focus on many themes and forward-looking industrial insights. During this first day, visitors have shown great interest in the new SCM Technology Center, with its over fifty solutions on display and in operation. 

Visitors have also shown great curiosity to see the Digital Hub, the command centre at the heart of the event, where SCM customers could experience first-hand, and touch with their fingers, the enormous potential that good software can offer, as well as the Group's other digital solutions, including a remote technical assistance system based on the use of smart augmented reality glasses. 

Visitors from industry companies could discuss and hear plenty of ideas regarding the world of technology today and that of tomorrow at the SCM Arena during the Tech Talk. Discussions focused on such subjects as the "Lean Cell 4.0", where SCM has been a pioneer; the "Smart Home", with its interactive and remote-controlled (via a smartphone) windows; and skyscrapers made entirely of wood – all built using ever smarter and more integrated machines.