Olimpic K360 - The Best Edgebander Available

5 Sep 2016

Achieve versatility and high machining quality with the SCM Olimpic K360 – the new reference point in the market for entry level edgebanders, complete with a rounding unit.

Compact and easy-to-use due to its advanced technological solutions, the K360 is designed to ensure optimal panel finishing. It is the perfect edgebander for companies who require continuous and high quality edgebanding of panels.

Features of the Olimpic K360 Edgebander

Cut and "Radius" In a Single Operation
Automatic and error free cutting of thick edges. Two blades allow the straight cutting of solid wood edges and the chamfering of thin edges.

Edge Angle Finishing on Straight and Shaped Panels
Rounding of front and rear edge angle on straight, chamfered and post-formed panels. The operation is automatically carried out by the unit and ensures optimal finishing, without the requirement of further machining.

Three Different Machining Possibilities
Rapid machine changeover between thin, thick and solid wood edges due to the 3 working positions available and the "Combi" tool supplied as a standard feature with the trimming unit.

Benefits of the Olimpic K360

  • 11 m/min panel feed speed thanks to the track equipped with a large dimensioned chain.
  • Lower consumption = lower costs with the Save Energy kit that optimises the power consumption with a year's saving of up to 10%
  • Highest level of panel cleaning by utilising the anti-adhesive spray guns that prevent any sticking of excess glue on the upper and lower panel surfaces.
  • Best panel finishing with the holes for hinges, due to the copying devices with 3 rotating contact points.

Main Performance Specifications

  • Panel thickness: 8-50 (60) mm
  • Edge thickness: 0.4-3 (6) mm
  • Feed speed: 11 m/min

The Olimpic K360 has the best finishing quality with the simultaneous use of the glue scraping and brushing groups.

To learn more about our full range of edgebanders, contact SCM Group Australia.