Morbidelli X200 -  Welcome to the NeXting Generation!

16 Sep 2020

Morbidelli X200 -  Welcome to the NeXting Generation!

With its European built quality and innovative features, the new Morbidelli X200 Nesting machine meets the ever-changing needs of the Australian market. The X200 is ideal for manufacturers that need a solution with excellent performance, maximum configurability with flexibility and productivity. 

“The Australian Nesting machine user has always required a machine that is geared towards flexible, batch-1 production. But we have an increasingly higher demand from customers looking for more out of their CNC machine. They want more flexibility and more capability. They want more than just a nesting machine.  The Morbidelli X200 can meet all of these demands”, says Paul Edmunds, CNC Product manager for SCM Australia



Every detail of the Morbidelli X200 was designed with the durability & flexibility that operators require in mind. The machine is robust, heavy-duty, fully automatic and can be customised to the end users’ specific requirements with features that were previously unavailable on a nesting machine.

“Customisation and flexibility were a priority in the design process of the Morbidelli X200”, say Paul.” Obviously, the machine is available with features that Australian manufacturers have come to expect. Machines are available in working areas to suit the most popular sheet sizes in Australia, and even the larger European sheet sizes. The machine is configurable to run in the best direction for the layout of your factory. Left to right or right to left direction – no problem at all. But also, the machine has a wide range of optional devices that can mean your nesting machine can do machining processes that were not easily done before”


Exclusive Features

The Morbidelli X200 has unique devices that aren’t found on any other nesting machine in Australia- Features like our patented X-POD system. The X-POD is an exclusive suction system which allows suction cups to be mounted directly onto the spoil board. This is incredibly beneficial for customers who not only nest but want to regularly use their CNC machine for single component manufacturing but want to minimise set up times. Components that require profiling or horizontal drilling can now be set up in a matter on minutes.

Another completely unique feature of the machine is the X200 DYNAMIC VACUUM option.

When the machine is equipped with multiple vacuum pumps, one of the pumps can be dedicated to the independent table zones of the machines. The vacuum suction follows the path of the electrospindle, meaning you have a much higher hold down capacity on individual components.  Machining can occur at much faster feed rates, even on small components.

In addition to the faster feed rates that can be achieved, the machine has other considerations to improve the speed of processing. Our FAST tool change rack, with multiple tool spaces and mounted directly on the mobile gantry unit, reduces tool changes to less than 15 seconds. Also, the Morbidelli X200 drilling blocks can save up to 60% of time on drilling cycles thanks to the new drilling optimised head solutions. When supplied as a full cell, the machine has the an extremely efficient load/unload cycle - a mere 30 seconds from chip to chip.

The Morbidelli X200 is available in Australia now. For more information, full specifications and demonstrations contact SCM Australia, and find out why the Morbidelli X200 is the nesting solution Australia has been waiting for. Welcome to the NeXting Generation.

For further information contact SCM Group Australia 1300 42 22 38.