Lean Manufacturing

29 Nov 2016

Are you looking to add value to your workshop and increase your margins on every component you make? The SCM Lean Manufacturing Cell removes unwanted and unnecessary components of your manufacturing department. While every workshop is different, some examples of these include:

  • Manual material handling
  • Labour costs
  • Human error
  • Errors and rework requirements

The SCM Lean Cell looks to add value to your workshop, increasing your margins on every component you make. The robot recognises each workpiece as it is unloaded from the nesting cell, and automatically knows what the next step in the manufacturing cycle is. 

The management software instructs the robot to reference the part, then sends it to the next part of the cell, such as edgebanding, drilling, boring or dowel insertion.

SCM Group Australia offer custom designed cells to suit your manufacturing needs. The new generation Lean cells will be unveiled at Ligna 2017.

To find out how you can see it in action, book your seat on our guided tour to Ligna 2017.




















For more information, download the information booklet below, or contact SCM Group Australia.