Furniture components for kitchens: discover the complete made in SCM factory

1 Apr 2021

A genuine "turnkey" factory to create kitchen components, with the production of 12,000 pieces per shift and for every kind of production need: from managing raw materials right up to packaging the finished product.

The project developed by SCM for one of Vietnam's leading kitchen manufacturers, satisfied two extremely different requests from the customer: to set up a "mass production" department to manage medium/large batches and, simultaneously, a "flex production" department for smaller batches.

Both include an extensive and varied range of state-of-the-art technologies and services. All the cells and lines are fitted with supervisor software integrated into the corporate IT system to create a centralised handling and control of the entire production process, as well as monitor the state of the individual machines in real time and the whole line, and optimise production performances. Equally essential is the supply of MES to support the customer with programming and optimising production flow.

The SCM project consists of:

  • a sizing plant;
  • an integrated line for squaring-edgebanding and drilling;
  • an integrated nesting cell with automatic storage;
  • an automatic line for cardboard packaging.

Sizing area for large batches

The area includes a gabbiani a3 high performance angular panel saw capable of combining flexibility, productivity and configurability to meet every process need, and a gabbiani s flexible beam saw, with 30% higher productivity than standard levels.

Nesting area for flexible production

Another technological solution refers to the production of medium batches (1300-1400 pieces per shift) with an automatic storage cell and flexstore el unfinished panel management, integrated with a morbidelli n200 CNC nesting machining centre to cut shaped panels.

Squaring-edgebanding and drilling line for large batches

This is a fully automatic line that can achieve an average production of 9000 pieces per shift. The line consists of two stefani squaring-edgebanding machines, an author 924 (nowadays known as morbidelli a924) high production drilling cell and mahros automatic moving systems (panel return, flipper and feeder).

Drilling area for small batches and accessory machining

The area has two morbidelli ux100 flexible drilling and routing centres, that integrate the efficiency of a drilling line with the flexibility of a machining centre, two morbidelli cx100 compact drilling machines for all the drilling operations, blade cutting and vertical routings, and a morbidelli m100 "All-In-One Technology" CNC machining centre for drilling and routing.

Pressing and sanding area

The integration of the sergiani gs-a highly versatile and electronic control press and the dmc system flexible abrasive modular centre, the ideal choice for the highest levels of finishing on "hi-gloss" panels, allows the panels to be prepared to perfection for the subsequent mechanical polishing and shining processes carried out by the two-roller sprayer incorporated into the area itself.

Packaging area

An automatic line for made-to-measure cutting of cardboard boxes and packaging for furniture kits for assembly is also part of the project designed by SCM Engineering. The packaging line produces 2000 boxes per shift. The plant can also handle different sized punched sheets, with a fast set-up between different batches.