Excellent employment opportunities for students with the Masters in Timber Constructions sponsored by SCM

27 Sep 2019

The first edition 2018-2019 of the Timber Construction Architecture Master's Course at the Turin Polytechnic produced top rate results. "45% of those experts trained were already employed with partner companies even before they received their diploma" states the Master's Course coordinator, Professor Guido Callegari. Together with students from the first edition of the course, Callegari visited the SCM plants in Rimini and Sinalunga a few months earlier to get a closer look at the most innovative technologies produced by our group for the timber construction, and he adds: "This excellent result is in line with the University's trends. Following publication on the 19 September of the new international QS Graduate Employability Rankings of Universities at world level for the number of graduates in employment a year after they graduate, Turin Polytechnic currently holds 14th place.

We are proud to be a partner of the Master's Course and of Turin Polytechnic. A forward-thinking exchange between the world of academia and industry with a view to encouraging ever more innovation in a sector, like timber construction, which is undergoing significant growth around the globe.

Applications for the second edition 2019-2020 are open. https://didattica.polito.it/master/costruzioni_in_legno/2019/master_in_un_click

Enjoy the key moments of the students' visit to the SCM plants.