Successful opening ceremony of panel furniture cloud intelligent factory in China.

23 Sep 2015

The ceremony of the opening of panel furniture cloud intelligent factory and Qingdao Baonuoni furniture limited company was successfully held in Qingdao city in the morning of Sep. 21st,2005.

Qingdao Baonuoni furniture limited company is a professional panel furniture factory. It is the first cloud intelligent factory model of SCM group and Shangchuan science and technology company. This factory has a set of panel cabinet & wardrobe automatic production line. All machines of this factory are SCM brand and the supporting software is Cloud Wood Working Software comes from Shanghcuan company.This company will provide customized furniture service to meet the customers’individual requirements.

Mr. ZHU Shaohua, the GM of this company, introduces 4 points of advantages of this cloud intellegent factory:

1st, this is a panel furniture OEM factory with ISO9000 quality management system.

2nd, the software is seamlessly integrated with CNC machines,so this factory uses an automatic customerized production model.

3rd,all production processing is managed by labels.

4th, delivery period only need 15 days (from placing order to deliver goods)

Qingdao Baonuoni furniture limited company will use a set of software system to control all phases, from furniture designing, order separating, quoting to digital producing. This software will ensure the data information of order separating, sizing and boring is 100% accuracy. This software system also can provide a APP client side to customers and customers can real time monitor the whole processing of their orders. This company will be a preferred OEM factory for those who operate customized furniture business!

As strategic partner and supplier, SCM Group is glad to create “batch = 1” customized cloud intelligent factory and dynamic production and scientific research demonstration base together with Qingdao Baonuoni furniture limited company.

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