Accord 25FX in operation in a special Czech company

29 Jun 2015

An unusual sale of a high level CNC machine SCM Accord 25FX in the Czech Republic. A small joinery workshop owned by Mr. Jiri Kroupa tackled a challenge to invest in a high level CNC machine which is mostly considered by medium-large scale manufacturers. A small joinery means in this case basically just 1 person - usually the owner - and occasionally another person . They are typical custom made joinery processing both for panel and solid wood.  End products are kitchens, office furniture, wardrobes, stairs, doors, windows, etc. For many years, Mr. Kroupa was thinking about further developing his production and more and more was convinced to proceed in purchasing CNC technology. Similar joineries nearby mostly invested in basic CNC machines as they were afraid to make a bigger step. Mr. Kroupa has participated in many Scm Group exhibitions both local and also abroad including the 2015 Open House Days in Rimini. These events gave him enough knowledges to appreciate that real competitive advantage can be reached only by investing in top level technology. When the new Accord 25FX has been presented in February 2015, it met perfectly Mr Kroupa's expectations and definitely persuaded him to launch the investment. Accord 25FX has a 5 axis technology (Prisma KT) and a unique fully automatic working table (MATIC) offering vast flexibility and productivity in batch 1, which is so needed in custom made production. Also high workpiece capacity (250 mm) and small ground floor dimensions are highly appreciated in small joineries. Any doubts and worries related to the programming are answered by MAESTRO SW which turns the control of the machine into entertainment.

Recently, Mr Kroupa returned to SCM Group to see his machine just before it was packed and dispatched.