Accord 25FX - New Devices, New Opportunities

22 Aug 2016

Accord 25 FX, the best-selling model of machining centres in the Accord FX range, is a dedicated solution to solid wood processing. The Accord 25 FX has been enhanced with new options specific to the doors and windows sector.

The modern construction industry requires energy efficient buildings, doors and windows with thicknesses of oversized section. For window and door manufacturers, this translates into a need to machine different types of profiles.

Accord 25FX Features

  • The Accord 25 FX offers new locking clamps with height 145 mm and increased vertical stroke up to 70 mm.
  • The new distance between the supporting table of the work-piece and the mobile bar allows the use of tools with double profile without risk of collision with other machine parts.
  • The new locking system permits the machining of elements of different thicknesses (60 to 120 mm) with no need for manual set-up.


Benefits of the New Accord 25FX

These features, combined with the maximum capacity of the tool magazines (up to 44 positions), allow manufacturing of several different profiles without the need to replace tools.

  • Fewer tool changes
  • Lower risko f error dueto  manual adjustments
  • Zero set-up time

The new locking clamps H145 are available both in the circular version, ideal for the machining of curved elements, and in the square version for linear elements. They can be fitted on both manual worktable and “MATIC” automatic worktable.

The innovative design of the square clamps allows a safe locking even on very short pieces (175 mm inside tenon).

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